Golf Gear

"A golfer has to train his swing on the practice tee, then trust it on the course" by Dr. Bob Rotella

Golf has captured the imagination of many individuals, young and not so young. behold, the true Golfers check list! You will also note that many factors will influence your planning for your day out playing Golf and our check list is the thing for that. Golf Items from apparel to accessories and the best type of Golf Clubs to use for beginners, seasoned players also for people who play Golf for fun or as a competitive sport. Reviews and articles related to Golf to keep you informed and up to date with revolutionary and useful golf products that will help you step up your game.



Essentials for your day out on the Golf Course:

  • Golf Bag or Cart/Batteries extra
  • Map of the Golf Course
  • GPS (optional)
  • Sun Protection/Sun Glasses 
  • Rain Protection (Jacket/Vest/Pants/Hat/Cap) see clothing 
  • Clubs/Balls/Tees/see accessories
  • Hydration/ bottle water/flask tea/


Golf Fashion



Golf Fashion comes in all different shapes and sizes for Men and for Women. Designer wear, also have some cheaper designer wear also available if you so wish.We have Golf Clothes for Women, the latest looks for Men and Women. We can enable you to aquire all Golf Clothes in Sets. Some Golfers who play regularly like to have a change ready.  We have Long Sleeve Full Zip Sweaters. We have short neck polo, short sleeve/long sleeve polo with contrasting panels,long sleeves,zips and full sleeves, with belts and without belts. Some Men and Women like a belt to keep Pants nice and neat.

Golf Shorts for Women and Golf Shorts for Men especially during the bright Sunny Days. These come in Sets of three or four. I love Shorts which helps me to play my Golf better.

For the windy weather we have wind blocked sweaters and Thermo lined sweaters. We have them in all colours and you can pick the colour of your choice.  For the warm weather we have V.Necked Jumpers, Beach sweather with V.Neck, Super Wool  and Slipovers. Masters Golf Trousers for Men can be aquired on the web with the click of a button. In Full Length and Cropped for Women.

People who spend time on the Golf Course need the best Shorts and Skorts to make them feel on top of the World. They absolutely need and want the latest in Trousers with water resistant finish, zip neck Thermal fleece golf Trousers with self sizer waist band. For the Winter layers for Men and Women make you all feel more comfortable and of course dont forget the lined Sweaters with your very own Tour Logo.

Golf Shoes


Golf Shoes are one of the most important items of clothing for playing good Golf. Good fitting shoes are a must, to have them comfortable, able to walk long distances in them when you are playing Golf. When your old shoes looke grubby you  feel you need a comfortable pair and then you control the ball better.

I was poor at my swing until I checked what was the matter, it was my shoes so I checked all kinds of shoes for Women. On finding Impact Golf Shoes which are leather, my feet felt better, I wasent as tired and I feel very proud now that my Golf has improved, plus when I look at my shoes I smile as they look fresh new and clean. I was asked by my Colleague how much did my shoes cost, they were not too expensive at all and suited my budget.

My advice was to get the Shoe that suits your feet best, versatile with arch support if necessary. Womens Golf Shoe Sport in White Metallic and Lunar Duet Golf Shoes are also in a bright Grape, Metallic and Womens Summer Lite in lovely bright colours. My Golf improved over night. For Mens Golf Shoes, Golf Mens Tech Response, Mens Lunar Control, Mens Impact Golf Shoe and AdiPower Golf Shoe in Blue and Black. Mens Golf shoes should be versatile, strong with good support also and my friend was telling me His price was great also



Golf Training

Golf Books and DVDs are such important items for helping all of us to learn how to play Golf, master the skill of Golf and helps us to participate in all aspects of playing and learning Golf.We have books and DVDs on learning how to play Golf.We have learner books on Golf for the beginner so that He/She can learn all the glossery terms on Golf,more important learn the correct rules of the game of Golf.

Learn how to play Golf. My biggest downfall when i started to play Golf was, knowing what a Tee off was and when I used a Tee off. Which Club to use for driving the Golf Ball, I wanted to be intelligent about the Clubs and know when to use each one. When I started playing Golf I kept using my Driver until I found a beginners Book that explained to me how that a Fairway Woods was smaller than a Driver and therefore was a better Club to use in some situations, this helped me overnight to improve my Golf.


Golf Clubs

Golf Tips for beginners:

  • Take golf lessons from a professional early on, personalised lessons if possible
  • Ball position in relation to your stance. It can be key to a good shot
  • Basic rules and etiquette that is practiced by all Golfers as it can bother other Golfers around you when playing
  • When other Golfers are hitting a Shot keep very quiet
  • Know basics of correct Grip of Golf Club. The Grip is the most important fundamental
  • When your playing Golf your only connection to the Golf Club is through the Grip, therefore the right grip is very important.
  • So you need good Golf Clubs for you as a beginner 

Golf Clubs are the tools we use to strike the ball, we have golf club designs. The Golf Club has to maxamize the ability of the Golf Club and the Golfers swing so as to have a long shot. Golf Clubs consists of three woods 9the 1 driver 3 and 5 and at least 1 Hybrid (3H)seven irons (4,5,6,7,8,9,and PW and a putter. This gives you a total of 12 Clubs.We have Golf Club Sets for Men and Golf Club Sets for Women. We have Golf sets in all sizes to suit all your needs. 1. Sets of Clubs for Men. 2. Sets of Clubs for Women. 3. Drivers. 4 Irons.

Golf Clubs are so individual to each person, I find I love and work best with a Certain Driver that improves my game and helps me to drive the Ball further. We have the Driver of your choice and the Driver that can improve your skill with the ball.


Golf Accessories

General Accessories in Golf, Ball Markers to mark the ball so that the ball is not moved from where it lands on the Green, you will find it is such an important tool to have when playing. Divol Repair Kits, as the name implies, sometimes necessary. Golf Tees are so necessary for teeing off and are of such good value on the Golf field.  Shoe Spikes, Having the correct shoe spikes aids your walking, Playing and ensuring the ground safe for other players We also have Individual Irons. Complete Golf Sets, Cart Bags, Pull Trolly Stand Bags Electric.Pencil Bags and Junior Bags and Electrical Trolly Batteries plus all Electrical Trolly Accessories.