Your Golf Style

Part of having a great golf game is feeling good and looking great. The right clothes can make you comfortable enough to play a good game. .

Golf Fashion and Its Importance


Believe it or not Golf Fashion is a must when going on the Golf Course. Visor, Hat, Peaked Cap,Head Band, Stretch Pants and fashionable Golf Shoes, not forgetting your lovely Glove's for one or two hands, so then you can enjoy your Day out on the Golf Course. All ready to Go. In other words you will "feel comfortable in your own shoes."

Golf Fashion Basics

We all know Golf has its own fashion. When it comes to dressing up for Golf we follow that rule of fashion, designer wear, upmarket wear and beautiful fashion that will enhance and enable You all to play your best Golf match.

Many golf courses enforce certain dress codes, but not to worry. Our golf fashion sense complies with most golf course attire rules. But besides that, we will be featuring golf fashion do's and dont's to helps us look like a pro Golfer on the course. 

What Golfers Wear

This is what Golf Fashion consist of, Golf Pants and Shirts in all colours. We are encouraged to wear bright colours on the Golf Field so that we can see each other and not hit anyone with a Golf Ball. What you wear in warm cool wet and cold weather can be found on the web and you will find all types of fashion here.

When you try and find your Golf Fashion products and your special colour, click on it and it will bring up your colour in Polo's Pants, skirts/skorts, head gear etc. Now some of these clothes are top sellers, some shirts and skorts are very popular on the Golf Course. 

Basic Understanding of Fashion with Tips

  • Ensure your Pants, Polo, and cap match 
  • Beige Pants and blue, yellow or purple polo
  • Stripes in pants but plain Polo/Shirt/Skort
  • Avoid stripes with stripes, dont mix stripes
  • Plain light colours look best matched
  • White or beige match most colours
  • Look well, make you feel well on the Golf Course

The type of clothes you wear is your choice on the Golf Course and are only a click away and every fashion piece can be found

Our Golf Clothes are the nicest most comfortable, hard wearing, fashionable, cool, and so wearable that you will love them all as I do. We are certain that we can meet all your Golf needs in fashion. We can provide Polos, Stretch Golf waistcoats, supersoft cotton cardigans and trousers that are functional, we can have a better swing when the clothes/pants and polo can stretch with you and win your game of Golf.

Weather proof, smart clothes on the Golf Course that fits well and enhances your appearance, for every size for Men and Women. Whatever the weather is like, we can provide clothes for all seasons. This  always helps your game of Golf, having the correct clothes for the right season, that is summer clothes for Summer with Peak caps to prevent the eyes from squinting and the sun from getting into your eyes, good warm caps for the cold and rain wear for the wet season also enhances your game of Golf and there you are a winner.

We have Peak Caps for warm and cool weather. Hats should be utilitarian and nice to wear. Caps for cold weather especially around the ears.  There are clothes needed for use  that are moisture and U.V. Protected when required. We want our skin to be protected so as to play Golf well. We have the best in the world of smart weather proof clothes. We have beautiful designer trousers, special Techno Stretch which can produce a better swing as you can wear these clothes and stretch with your swing and there you have a great Golf Day. 

Why Golf Fasion? 

Golf Clothes if worn with care and love can help our customers to achieve their individual potential on the Golf Course. Can help add to our mental wellbeing to look smart on the Golf Course.

We have sets of Golf clothes for Men that includes Pants for playing golf, Short Pants and long pants, all colours for the young Man and older Man, designer wear pants for Women, in long sleeve and short sleeve and in the most beautiful colors of your choice. For myself I like bright colours, Pink, Blue, White, Yellow, Green.

LIST for travelling out on the Golf Green

Wardrobe Check List 


  1. Golf Pants
  2. Sun Glasses
  3. Golf Shoes
  4. Golf Polos
  5. Golf Caps
  6. Golf Rainwear
  7. Thermal Protection when cold
  8. Golf Gloves


We have the best choice of Mens and Womens Golf Clothes in the whole world and we look forward to you coming into our Golf space.


Golf Sports Tops

mens golf shirts

Golf Sports Tops come in various Designs, Colours, Sizes and shapes, for Men and Women. Golf Tops are versatile, comfortable, longlasting and bright in colour and fashionable and beautiful. I would highly recommend them for the Golf Course especially when you are stretching and performing your swing in a relaxed fashion on the Golf Course. 

 Additional Tops

Long Sleeve jumpers are ideal in the cold or windy weather, tight fitting or Polos also and make you feel so comfortable. We have all sets of sports shirts and jumpers specifically for Golf in bright colours or whatever is your choice to choose. We have matching peak caps and gloves for Men and Women.


Golf Pants



Golf Pants are an essential part of Men's and Women's wardrobes. Men's pants can look cool and fashionable on the Golf Course, especially when playing in a tournament; I find when I look at the tournaments I often take my eyes off the ball and look at the cool pants Men are wearing. Everything you need in Golf fashion with the click of a button.

Then we have the expandable underarmour match play pants, this pants has soft woven fabric, absolutely total comfort. You can aquire the moisture trapped, wicks sweat and dries fast. Some Pants have a stretch waistband for superior mobility and comfort, flat fronted and four pocket design.

 To wash pants is a  must, all machine washable, moisture wick up and soil release and are still classic fit pants.   

Women's Golf Pants are bright,easy to move in, light, climate proof. Rain pants are very cool and designer made. Pants are available in full length, slim fit, and pull on ankle length. These  are favourites for playing Golf in the good weather as these Pants have plenty room to swing a ball at the Tee off.


Golf Caps Hats 


Golf Caps are sometimes necessary on your head, they fit well, the caps and Hats flatter in the good weather and keep you warm in cold weather.


A Cap or Hat can enhance your appearance when playing Golf also serves another purpose as it  keeps the Sun out of your Eyes when your playing. A Cap or Hat on the other hand keeps my brain and my head warm in the cold. Use a Golf Waterproof Bucket Hats if the rain comes and any Golf Caps for the cold weather. The Water Repellant Winter Cap with thermal protection, you will love it! Golf Caps with magnetic ball mirror will enhance your Golf. Then what about the Slim Shady Visor with adjustable fit Golf Cap. The Golf Cap with the Tour Logo is also very popular with Golf Clubs.




Golf Gloves




Golf Gloves are essential for some people who play Golf. I have a Designer Glove  which I love as it gives me such a good Grip and hitting the Ball always seems easier. Golf Gloves for Women can be for Left Hand or Right or both. I find with my Left Golf Glove, it has a Relax Grip and it is leather, Weather Proof and soft for my Hand. Womens Golf Gloves provides breathability and moisture management.

Golf Gloves for Men are worn for optimal feel and durability, We have Regular Golf Glove for Left Hand and Regular Golf Glove for the Right Hand.The Enhanced Synthetic Leather Glove provides a great Grip with optimal mix of feel and durability and breathability and a superior fit for a great Grip when playing Golf