Top Golf Training Aides

Improve your golf game by using the best golf training aides.

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Golf training aides that will show you how to play Golf like a pro and will ensure to challenge your current skills on the green. these training aides provide us with detailed information on how to perform well on the Golf course, using good techniques.

Prior to going near a Golf Course the beginner needs to have information about Golf and how to play, and what are the best Clubs and training aids to use. Below is a checklist to help you understand the most essential parts of golfing experience before you head to a golf course for a tee off. 


  • Undersdtanding Golf lingo (language)
  • What Clubs do you need 
  • Where do you practice 
  • How do you practice 
  • What Golfing Aids do you need
  • Do you know when you are ready for the Golf Course 
  • Video on Golf Training List of what you need on your first Day out



Understanding a set of Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are the most important items we use when we are playing Golf, we can't play Golf without them. The most used single Golf Club is the Putter

There should be a correct flex on each Club in a Golfers  bag. The three most important Clubs are the Putter Driver and the Wedge 










The weight of the shaft is important to  all Golfers who have the ability, the shaft is the engine of the Golf Club  

1. Drivers; Used for Teeing off

2. Fairway Woods and Hybrids; Getting Shots 150 plus yards airborne

3. Players Irons 2-5 Iron; Hitting toward Green usually 120-190 yds away; use low numbered irons for longer shots. High numbered irons for shorter shots

4.Wedges; Hitting short high shots from near the Green and sand and bunkers 


5. Blade and Mallet Putters; Rolling ball into the hole after its on the Green


Where To Start?

Training and learning to play Golf can start in your Sitting Room/Living Room. You should develop the necessary knowledge and skills about Golf playing before you move to the Golf Green.

Join a program that changes Golf or find a Golf Instructor to help you. We have it all here on our Web Page including all the training products and opportunities available. When you Tee off you need stability, control, speed and confidence to your game so that you will be transformed and empowered for more training opportunities.

For Golf Training You need a certain amount of training to play Golf, need to know what Golf irons are best for you, you need a place to play Golf and you need practice. You will need when you go to the Golf training

  •  2 or 3 Golf practice nets for basic positional work; A Portable Popup Driving Range Golf Net, Garden Golf Net and a practice Golf Chipping Net and your on your way to practice on your doorstep
  •  An open practice ground for hitting Irons 
  •  An improvement area,Mats and Nets for Training
  •  A putting area with a 3 by 9 pro length Putting Mat
  •  A 517 yard - 9 hole, par 3 course that can with proper 
  •  practice reduce scores and lower your handicap



putting 1


Grassroots Pare Three Putting Green Great Golf Kit to have to practice Putting Complete executive Indoor Golf Putter. Practice Padding Greens to Learn and Practice with. Gift Sets with Ball Return Friction.



Training for a game of Golf is paramount  when you want to improve your Putting, your swing and your concentration, where better to do so than in your own space.  


Golf Practice Mat 


 Golf is a Club and Ball Sport and does not reguire a standard area provided it has a hole and space to play and practice, like a practice mat 



Training Golf Balls




We need to find the perfect ball to play Golf when we are learning and a beginner. There is a huge range of different Golf Balls with different colours, white, green, pink and you will find the best one that suits your needs. You need to match your Golf game with the perfect ball. There are different models in balls, value models and premium models. Golfers compare balls and they know the technical information such as cover material, construction, dimple pattern and any new innovative features. You can also analyze lots of brands and models of Golf Balls on the market today which are a good fit for your paarticular game.


Golf Net


Golf Net to catch the Ball when doing full swing. Can help to work on your long and short game away from the course Multi Golf Cages and Golf Impact Netting also available for Golf Clubs and Driving Ranges. This Net can be used for improving your swing.